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Clubhouse Members Attend the Circus Schools

The Belfast Computer Clubhouse recently held a cross-community event to the Belfast Community Circus School. Members from both the Spectrum Centre and Springvale enjoyed undertaking various circus themed activities during the workshop held on the 15th February. The Members learned plenty of new skills ranging from hat tricks to Stilt walking.

The members began the session with a few warm up games just to get the bodies loosened and their faces smiling as their initial nervousness left them! They then learned how to spin a hat with some members even managing to land their hat on their heads! The members also showed their fearlessness of heights by daring a routine on the trapeze. They showed off their flexibility whilst high up on the trapeze with some members even giving it a second try!

The stilt walking was entertaining with the members standing tall and after a few wobbly wiggles to begin, our members soon mastered the art of stilt walking and were practically running around the room. Whilst the experienced of juggling wasn’t mastered by all – we all did give it our best try with some members even attempting a three ball juggle. The day was enjoyed by all with even the staff braving the elements. The day ended with many happy faces and with the members gaining a positive experience of the arts whilst also developing their co-ordination and flexibility.

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