August 2010

BCCH 'Creativity in Motion' Photography Competition August/September 2010

Closing Friday 24th September 2010

The 2nd Belfast Computer Clubhouse Annual Photographic Competition in association with the Community Arts Forum (CAF), Belfast has been extended until Friday 24th September 2010. This year’s theme is 'Creativity in Motion' and is open to interpretation encouraging entrants to convey movement through the medium of Photography.

If you are aged 8-18 before you can enter by sending your printed photograph to Ryan O'Reilly, Community Arts Forum, 15 Church Street, Belfast, BT1 1PG. Alternatively, you can send your snaps to Please remember to include your name, age and contact details, and a brief paragraph about what inspired your work.

This year's winner will receive a digital camera. There are also vouchers for 2nd and 3rd place photographs. So, let your imagination flow and get snapping!

BCCH Creative Youth Festival August 2010

2nd - 31st August 2010

Throughout August Belfast Computer Clubhouse members experienced a festival of urban arts based activities that encouraged them to comment on their environment through participation in a variety of art and digital media events.

An eclectic mix of video, digital photography, animation, web design, character illustration, trash fashion, textile and print based workshops made it a summer to remember. Members participated in the Urban Playground event with The Mac, had a behind the scenes trip to the W5, took part in the NICCY Make a Change Campaign, met Hugo Duncan during a visit to the BBC building, and had just enough energy left to celebrate their creative achievements at this year’s Clubhouse Member Graduation Ceremony.

The Belfast Computer Clubhouse would like to thank; Carol Lawley, Hugo Duncan and the BBC Team, Claire Lawler and The Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC), Miranda, Shasha and Alister with the Urban Playground Team, Antoine from Gravity Style, Ryan O'Reilly, Community Arts Forum, Belfast, David Crawford, Greater Shankill Integrated Services, Judith Harvey and the Team at W5, Laura McFall and the Team at NICCY, William Artt and Cyril Flannigan.

Click here to see our Festival Mini site created by Clubhouse members with help from William Artt

Click here to see photos from the event

Clubhouse Members Make the Grade at Graduation!

What better way to end the summer than with a fun packed Clubhouse Graduation? On Thursday 26th August members gathered at our Springvale location to receive their certificates of achievement and chill out in the Springvale Learning recreation room.

Gerry McMahon, Chair of the Board of Directors at Springvale Learning presented Clubhouse members with their certificates and praised them for their achievements over the last year. Click here to see photos from the graduation event

Click here to see photos from the graduation event

Parkour Workshop

The Belfast Computer Clubhouse Team creatively linked into the MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) to add to the vibrancy of the Clubhouse CREATIVE YOUTH FESTIVAL. Though the MAC will not officially open its doors until the end of 2011, now is the time to engage with the community. The Clubhouse are delighted to be the first organisation to engage with the MAC.
The story continues.....

After a day of intensive training the Clubhouse members honed their Parkour skills, and on Saturday 14th August they presented it as part of The Next Level event curated by the MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre). The members experienced the demands of choreographing a Parkour Performance in the newly built St Anne's square, in the shadow of the construction site that will host the new MAC building on its completion in 2011.
Parkour was developed in France and is a form of physical art that emphasises a fluidity of movement in urban space, utilising all aspects of the environment. The initial day long workshop was hosted by Urban Playground and Gravity Style, led by Buster, Sasha, Miranda led and Antoine. After a warm up session in which our members limbered up, each participant was introduced to basic Parkour techniques that included PK rolls and other moves around a specially constructed climbing frame.

In front of a large audience basking in the sun and enjoying the atmosphere, the members from both Springvale and Spectrum Clubhouses bonded and prepared themselves for their Micro Choreography performance. It takes guts and determination to perform in front of such a large crowd, but our members stood together, encouraged each other and overcame any fears.

It was a great achievement for our members, and when the cheering stopped they were able to relax and wind down while watching the rest of the performance which culminated in a jaw dropping display of Parkour by the UPG and gravity Style members themselves. The Clubhouse would like to thank the staff of the MAC, and UPG and Gravity Style for such a wonderful project.

As reported by Engagement Officer Martin Dodds....

Parkour / Free Running Workshop

The Parkour workshop was a workshop organised by the MAC and delivered by Alister (Buster), Miranda and Sasha from Urban Playground and Antoine from Gravity Style in St Anne's Square. The Parkour workshop ran for 3 days from Wednesday 11th August 2010 until Friday 13th August 2010 with the Clubhouse members participating in the Wednesday workshop and also participating in a final performance on Saturday 14th August 2010 showcasing performances created by the groups from the 3 days and a performance from Urban Playground.

The Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) which is a new building currently under construction in St Anne's Square is set to open in 2011 and will replace the Old Museum Arts Centre (OMAC) but will continue bringing original arts events from the UK and Ireland to Belfast.

Parkour itself is of French origins and is a physical discipline of getting from A to B negotiating obstacles in the most efficient way.

During the morning session of the workshop Clubhouse members were taught basic technique and were shown approximately 10 different tricks including the PK roll and a dance move. The members were split in to 3 groups with each group being shown different tricks before switching round and learning another.

After the morning session and before lunch the members were allowed to practice their newly gained skills on the apparatus and to play around.
After Lunch the members again were split in to 3 groups and assigned a different part of the apparatus and were then set a task of creating 6 different movements around their section. After each group had created their moves they then performed for the rest of the groups and each group was asked to offer suggestions to the groups on how to improve their routines.

Each group was then asked to again create another set of movements on a different section of the apparatus and to create a linking piece of movement to get them from one section to the next.

After all routines had been created the members were informed that they had created their own performance that they would show off at the end of the workshop to a gathered crowd and then again on the Saturday before Urban Payground's performance.

On Thursday 12th August 2010 the Clubhouse members gathered at the Spectrum Centre to create a digital portfolio and create a page for an online magazine with the aid of Cyril Flannigan who also took part in the Parkour Workshop.

On Saturday 14th August 2010 the Clubhouse members gathered at St Anne's Square for a warmup session and to also practice the routines before the final performance which took place at 4.30 pm. During their down time members had a chance to relax and to mingle with the other groups and enjoy a BBQ lunch courtesy of the Radisson Encore Hotel at St Anne's Square.

AS Reported by David Fallis – Work Placement

Click here to see photos from the event

Belfast Computer Clubhouse BBC Tour

The young people from the West Belfast Computer Clubhouse in Springvale Training and The Spectrum
Centre in the Greater Shankill Area were involved in a trip and tour of the BBC Studios. While on arrival
the young people were told all about the history of the BBC in Northern Ireland and when the first
broadcast was transmitted.

The young people were then given a tour of the dressing rooms where the news readers would apply
their makeup and dress before they would get in front of the camera. Afterwards everyone was taken
into the news room and shown how everything came together for the live news. Some young people
were put in front of camera, some stood up behind the news desk and two sat on the seats that the
news readers sit on.

Martin Dodds took photographs of the Young People when they were in the news room. Afterwards
when in the hallway towards the new building we came across news reader Noel Thompson.

The young people were then brought into the control room were all the editing of footage and sound
mixing takes place.

We were then shown were the person that does the over dubs on BBC 2. Curtis did a little over dub
himself and all the young got to hear it.

Everyone was then taken to the Green Room where they were told McFly the band where sitting the
day before.

Afterwards we were taken were BBC Radio Ulster is transmitted and met Hugo the radio DJ. He showed
everyone a little funny rap he did to a song the day before. All of the young people enjoyed the trip
and tour of the BBC Studios and had a good time. (Written by Work Placement Michael Leathem)

Click here to see photos from the event

Graffiti Workshop

The Belfast Computer Clubhouse in Springvale Training hosted a Graffiti workshop involving young people from the Greater Shankill Area and West Belfast Computer Clubhouses.

The young people from the Greater Shankill Area and West Belfast Computer Clubhouses got involved in creating a new sign for the Computer Clubhouse in Springvale Training.

Óisin painted the base for the two boards and showed the young people step by step instructions of how to use the paint sprays and markers. The young were instructed on how to use facemasks to protect them from fumes from the paint. He also set the base for the lettering on the two boards.
Óisin helped the young people with filling in the lines that he made so that there were no mistakes created. Óisin is a graffiti artist that made the sign look as colourful and as striking as possible.

Óisin made a place for where the young people could put their names or anything they liked onto the sign. Michael Leathem took photographs when everyone was filling the spaces that Óisin provided for them to colour and David Fallis was filming the progress of everyone from the beginning stages of the sign till the finished product.

Then sign was made up from 5 colours White, Black, Green, Purple and Blue so that it would have the most colourful effect possible so the sign would stand out and he also made it have a 3D effect.

As reported by Michael Leathem (Clubhouse placement).

Pico Programming

The "great banana sandwich experiment" workshop was run by Philip Davies and Nuala Jackson. The workshop involved 4 members from the Springvale Clubhouse and 6 members from the Spectrum Clubhouse and took place at the Spectrum.

The workshop was designed to give the members an introduction to computer programming in an entertaining and engaging way and to encourage them to think about what steps go into a task such as making a banana sandwich and how to explain every step.

The workshop started off with Philip explaining to the group about the workshop and that they had to write a step-by-step list of the instructions that the ‘Robot' (Nuala) would follow to create a banana sandwich.

After the introduction and explanation by Philip the members where split in to 2 groups and each team was instructed to create the step-by-step list of instructions. The teams were given 20 minutes to complete the list.

Once the teams had completed the lists the members gathered around the ‘Robot' and were then asked to instruct the robot step-by-step to make a banana sandwich.

On the first teams attempt assistance and guidance was provided by Philip and were then encouraged to give alternate instructions depending on the robots movements following the written instruction.

On the second teams attempt less assistance was given by Philip in an attempt to engage the members to alter the written instructions and to think about an instruction independently of advice.

Once the teams had finished the task they had a refreshment break and a few of the members continued to make banana sandwiches with the remaining resources, making a mess while having a laugh and talking about the workshop.

As reported by David Fallis (Clubhouse placement).

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