January 2010

Highlights from my work experience

I brought in Zelda Manga books so members could choose characters that theyliked best, then draw in their own style. I enjoyed the chance to share my skills and to help others believe in themselves and their creations.

I backed up clips from both clubhouse camcorders using Movie maker. I sped them up using the video effects options. I will need to do something about theaudio as it sounds like chipmonks killing themselves in the background!

Giants visit Clubhouse Members

Belfast GiantsSean towers at a 6ft 4ins, weighs over 16st and plays forward for the team. Clubhouse members and staff welcomed Sean, his gorgeous girlfriend Pricilla and lovely Belfast Giants Co-ordinator Louise to the Springfield Road, Clubhouse. Forty Spectrum and Springfield members clamoured for autographs waiting patiently on their question time slot. Many young photographers grabbed their opportunity by capturing photos on their own cameras, printing them, then having their pictures with Sean autographed right away as their keepsakes.
Ruth Gorman from UTV live interviewed Sean and this can be viewed again on UTV Iplayer "Sean McMorrow's Interview".

Sean Lucy Shannon DeirbhileOnce interview was over, Sean slid his way to a good Clubhouse space to allow him to address all our children and young people then answer their questions. He told his life story as a Youth growing up in Vancouver, what it was like to be different, coming from a mixed cultural background, and how his life turned around when he joined the Giants. Clubhouse members were enthralled as they listened; not once had staff to caution, as all members were so well behaved.

"…………Welcoming the Belfast Giants to the Clubhouse is very important as the Giant's Club represents a sport, ice hockey, that does not attach itself to a particular faith or community, instead the Team wish to represent Belfast as a whole, simply what the Belfast Computer Clubhouse dedicate themselves to."

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Clubhouse Music Workshops

Clubhouse Music WorkshopsWilliam Artt is a Graphic/Web Designer and a lecturer in Multi-Media at Belfast Metropolitan College. He is also a practising Visual Artist and has exhibited his work widely throughout Ireland and the UK. He has also exhibited his work throughout the world taking part in exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

William is also a keen musician and is particularly interested in making music using electronic and digital processes. He is currently facilitating a series of music workshops at both the Springfield Road and Shankill, Belfast Computer Clubhouses which allow participants to make music using computer software and electronic instruments.

You can find out more about William's work at www.deadflatmatt.com and www.williamartt.com.

Members, contact Martin Dodds if you want to become more involved!

Clubhouse Member tells the story of Wartime Britain

Clubhouse Member tells the story of Wartime BritainThe storytelling skills of Clubhouse member Chelsea Mullan were showcased at the opening of a Wartime Education for Families event at the Spectrum Centre, Shankill Road today. Chelsea, told the story from the viewpoint of a child living during the war which featured realistic sound effects from the era. Local primary children got the chance to see wartime memorabilia, take part in wartime games and storytelling workshops and find out more about what it was like to be a child during the Belfast Blitz.

Event organiser David Crawford, Coordinator for Integrated Services for Children and Young People, GPSB thanked the staff and members for their contribution in his opening speech.

New Steps To Work Worker

Hi I'm Annemarie Canavan,

AnnemarieI've just started my new job at the Computer Clubhouse Belfast, Springvale as an Admin/Support Worker on the Springvale Training "Steps To Work" programme. I am enjoying every minute I have here. It's a real pleasure to be working as part of the Clubhouse Team. I'm meeting new people all the time which I love. My Experience here at the minute has been fantastic & very rewarding at the end of every day. I'm enjoying helping the Club Members; it's good to see the young people of Belfast enjoying themselves as there are loads for them to do here. The Clubhouse has just got a new Music Room which is Amazing & the Members love getting into it & showing us what they can do. There is also a new interactive white board which has been installed; they are all really excited about. It is so good to see the young people of Belfast smiling & enjoying themselves when they come here. Having the clubhouse to come to everyday & learn is amazing for our young people.

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