July 2010

Dublin Trip

Clubhouse staff took two groups of members from both the Springfield Road and Shankill Clubhouses to Dublin for a day trip meeting the Dublin Clubhouse members and staff. After the long trip (with a pitstop at MacDonalds!) we were left off on Pearse street Dublin to meet the Dublin members. After an icebreaking session on the Trinity cricket pitches, the groups were taken on a tour around the Science Gallery, which is currently hosting a fascinating exhibition called Bio-Rhythm: Music and the Body (sciencegallery.com). Members interacted with the exhibits, which included a Sonic Chair, where they could manipulate oscillation of sound, a Sonic Bed with sub woofer bass speakers, Reactable, a table with sensors that detected the movement of brightly coloured shapes across it was popular, with many members getting a hands on experience of directing and manipulating interactive audio. Another popular display was the classic Theremin; invented by Bob Moog, the Theremin is ‘played’ by passing hands around and over the instrument, without actually touching it. The resulting sound is familiar to anyone who is a fan of classic 1950s movies like Forbidden Planet, which used its eerie undulating tones as its soundtrack.

After a dash through central Dublin, the group reconvened in the Dublin Clubhouse to have lunch, relax and prepare for the long trip home. They all enjoyed the trip, hoping next time for a residential, and the Belfast Clubhouse staff would like to thank the Dublin Clubhouse coordinators, volunteers and members for a warm welcome and a fascinating day out.

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Clubhouse Members Fly to Boston, USA

Cáilin, Paula, Zara, and Charlene are on their way to America this July to meet 300 teenagers from Clubhouses across the globe at the 2010 Teen Summit. During this unique 6-day experience, Clubhouse members will be sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and learn new skills with the hope of inspiring all the young people who are Clubhouse members.

During the month of June, the girls have been working on a film project with the help of Emmet (a Peer Mentor) and Daniel (Volunteer). The theme of the 2010 Teen Summit is “Mobilize, Act, and Inspire”. In the film, the girls explored how the Belfast Computer Clubhouse has made an impact on their communities. Follow the link to watch the video and see photos of the girls at work in the Photo Gallery.

Watch this space as the girls will be back in August with loads to share with you!!!

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