June 2010

Teen Summit Video

Daniel, a former teacher of Art, Design and Multimedia Graphics, has taken the members, with Clubhouse staff, to various locations that have been sourced throughout Belfast to show the wide ranging environments of the city. From the Peace Line at Lanark way to the beaches at Holywood, taking in sites like the City Hall, Queen’s Bridge and Ormeau park. The experience has been exhilarating and our members are discovering Guerrilla film making with an expert.

We are all looking forward to the results, which will be uploaded by the end of June.

Click here to watch the video

Click here to watch the video

Clubhouse Member's Artwork on Show at the BBC Broadcasting House

BBCThe Belfast Computer Clubhouse is proud to announce:

- David, a Clubhouse Member, exhibits his artwork at the BBC Broadcasting House in Belfast!

The BBC opened a Northern Ireland Art Competition in November 2009 to celebrate its 70th Anniversary.

Clubhouse members jumped at the opportunity but David, once more excels.

David’s has won an art competition previously with his artwork published in the 2008 Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Calendar.

Visitors to the BBC can view David's artwork during the BBC public tours which take place on Monday’s and Tuesday’s at 12 noon.

See David’s artwork and book a tour!

For details on booking a tour of the BBC Broadcasting House in Belfast and see David’s work, please visit: www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours.

Belfast Computer Clubhouse take 2nd and 3rd Prize - NICCY

"Here we are Nowhere Campaign"


At a NICY reception on Wednesday 9th June the winners of each category were announced in the  Photo competition

Young people from  across Northern Ireland snapped  what they thought was good and bad about where they live to be in with a chance of winning an 8GB iPod Touch.

Belfast Computer Clubhouse proudly announce that Gerard Murphy took 2nd place and our group of girls in the 2nd photo took third prize at the reception. There was some disappointment over not winning the iPod touch.  Our members were good sports and  congratulated the Divis winner and wished him well. 

The photo competition is all part of the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY), Patricia Lewsley’s, ‘Play, Leisure and Things to do’ priority the ‘Here we are… nowhere’ campaign asks young people to tell the Commissioner about their experience of play and leisure.

Young people aged between 11-18 years simply sent in photos or made  short videos about what they like to do in their spare time, where they like to do it and if anything can be done to make it better.

"Over the last three years children and young people told me that play, leisure and things to do should be one of my top priorities," said Ms Lewsley.

"Now through this campaign young people have the opportunity to show me what is good and bad about leisure activities where they live and why areas are safe or unsafe for them to spend time in.

"Since launching the campaign at the start of summer 2009 young people have told me about their parks, where they live and even demonstrated some of their hobbies and interests such as free-running, playing music and doing sports. You can view these at www.niccy.org or www.youtube.com/niccyplay.

"Young people can use their mobile phone, camcorder or camera to take pictures and videos of activities they do, where they live. The images will be presented to Government officials later this year where it is hoped the information gathered will help influence government’s play and leisure strategy and ultimately improve play and leisure for children and young people across Northern Ireland."

NICCY Photography competition http://www.niccy.org

All entries will also be displayed at a play day in the Ulster Museum on Sunday 20th Jun

The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Patricia Lewsley, is working in partnership with the Ulster Museum to celebrate a child's right to play.

Visitors to the museum can watch young people's short films about play, make toys, take part in a play-themed treasure hunt and venture into a parallel world with a storyteller.

Click here to see photos from the event

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