May 2010

Clubhouse Members visit Belfast Children's Festival

Members made a short film in the Film workshop, created comic book character, painted a mural, took part in Urban Dance workshop and created games during a Game Design workshop. The filmmakers, with other young people from schools in Ballycastle and Coleraine made a short film, (we hope to view it the video at the Clubhouse very soon). Whilst the game designers each completed a CD of a game they created others watched. Elsewhere a number of members joined in an urban dance session in the Ulster Hall, and the underground car park of the Waterfront hall was decorated by a fantastic graffiti mural. There was a tremendous atmosphere at the festival, with children and young people from both communities all enjoying the sights and sounds within the four stories of events and activities. The Belfast Computer Clubhouse would like to thank our members for being such good Computer Clubhouse ambassadors and their respective communities, and also a big thank you to the organisers of the Festival itself for putting on such a vibrant event. Seeing the buzz of Belfast Waterfront Hall was a wonderful inspiring experience for all.

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St. Fintan's visit the Clubhouse during their 'Peace tour of Belfast'

During a visit to Belfast 24 pupils from St. Fintan’s High School Dublin made a stop to the Belfast Computer Clubhouse as part of their 'Peace Tour of Belfast'.

Seán McNulty and Greg Bennett, Teachers of Religious Education and History at St. Fintan’s accompanied the group on a jam packed tour of Belfast.The Clubhouse visit fell in between a stop off at Stormont Buildings and a tour of the world famous murals in North and West Belfast.

The Students from the Greater Dublin area engaged recently with the Trocáire Campaign and Religious Art Competition which link in well with the wall murals and work around conflict resolution in Northern Ireland.

Clubhouse Engagement Officer Martin Dodds made a presentation focused on the cross community work that takes place over both Clubhouse locations on the Springfield.

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Clubhouse Hopes and Dreams

Clubhouse members from Everton Day Centre have been working on a mixed media project entitled 'Hopes and Dreams' which highlights those things that are important to them. Being independent, shopping, health and beauty and love and relationships were just a few of the things that Everton members said they would like to include in their project.

The idea behind the project was to create a mixed media collage that would incorporate images, words and symbols that could be interpreted by Makaton users. Makaton symbols are a series of mainly black and white pictures which are used to help children and adults to communicate and can be used in support of the written word. To find out more go to

The finished artwork will be displayed on the notice board at Everton Day Centre for everyone to enjoy.

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SWICN Dublin Clubhouse visit

The Guest speaker was TD Conor Lenihan (Minister of State for Science, Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources) who emphasised the role the Clubhouses play in education within Ireland. Glen, one of the mentors also gave a rousing speech stating the opportunities that existed for the development of the Clubhouse learning model across the country. We were shown around the projects created by members, ranging from electronics, Photoshop composition, their AYV project, and were treated to a rendition of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes on drums guitar and keyboards by three members. Finally a short film was shown that included video greetings from Clubhouses all over the world, including Israel, New York and of course Belfast.

There was a great and welcoming atmosphere and the promise of more collaboration and cross border trips in the future; something our members are very keen on! The BCCH would like to thank Ciaran, Janice, Eamon and Alan and all the Dublin members for a very enjoyable day.

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