October 2010

Thank you David and Michael!

Thank you David and  Michael!The staff of the Belfast Computer Clubhouse would like to give a heartfelt thank you to David Fallis and Michael Leathem who have recently completed a 13 week placement at the Clubhouse. Both have been indispensible over the last three months helping out during sessions, trips and during the August Festival, and also helping with essential administrative work.

David was such a great addition to the Team he has been granted a 13 week extension on his placement and we are delighted to have him back on board!

David and Michael were placed under the Step to Work Scheme through Springvale Learning, and received hands on experience of working in both Clubhouse locations at Springvale and the Spectrum Centre.

We wish Michael all the best in the future and look forward to working with David in the coming months.

Clubhouse Volunteer Alison Parks is holding her first solo exhibition entitled

Clubhouse Volunteer Alison Parks is opening her first solo exhibition entitled 'How I See' on Monday 8th November at 7:00pm at the John Hewitt, Belfast and runs until 5th December.  When Alison isn't busy volunteering she is making her own creative mark, working in a varity of different mediums. Her work is visually striking and very accessible to people of all ages.

Alison has been mentoring Clubhouse members for over a year now, delivering workshops and motivating  our young people with her energy and creative approach. The Clubhouse Creative Youth Festival logo was designed by Alison, printed onto t-shirts and worn proudly by our members during the Parkour event with the The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) and our urban workshops.

To find out more about Alison and her work visit www.ali-p-art.com

Clubhouse Volunteer Alison Parks is holding her first solo exhibition entitled

St Mary' College Volunteer Induction Evening 12/10/10

St Mary's University College Induction Event
On Tuesday 12th October the Clubhouse hosted an open night for students from St. Mary's University College at our Springvale Clubhouse. Staff and members welcomed 12 students interested in volunteering during the Jardim group. Staff made a presentation before getting the chance to meet members who showed them their multimedia works and talked about their personal experiences at the Clubhouse. Some of the potential volunteers got involved in an impromptu Photoshop workshop.

It is important the members of the Clubhouse are mentored by university students as this gives them the opportunity to find out more about further education, something we encourage and support through the Clubhouse C2C Programme which stands for Clubhouse to College/Clubhouse to Career.

We would like to thank Eamonn Walls and the students at St Mary's for their interest in the Clubhouse for taking time out to meet out members.

If you are interesting in volunteering you can check out our volunteer section where you can register or download the forms you need. To find out more about St. Mary's University College click here.

Welcome Sonia!

Welcome Sonia!The Clubhouse is pleased to welcome Sonia, who will be placed with the Clubhouse through the Steps Ahead Scheme for 6 months through Springvale Learning.

Graduating in 2009 from the University of Ulster with a BSC Hons Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Sonia has been very involved as a community volunteer and has recently taken up a voluntary post with NIACRO providing one to one support.

Sonia will be working with the Clubhouse to develop project ideas and deliver workshops with our young people, as well as providing administrative support for the Clubhouse Team.

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