September 2010

Corpus Christi Creates Digital Media @ the Clubhouse

BTECIn association with Springvale Learning, the Belfast Computer Clubhouse has opened its facilities to host a class of Corpus Christi students. The class of 13 boys has kicked off with fancy animation and digital imaging techniques including undertaking their own research of Creative Media.

For the next 30 weeks, the Corpus Christi boys will work on achieving a BTec First Level 2 Certificate in Creative Media Production. Wait and see, we guarantee some impressive works on display soon!

A Great Big Thank You to Philip !!!

A Great Big Thank You to PhilipAll the Clubhouse members and staff wish Philip Andrews all the best as he embarks on his final year at Queen's University. From November 2009 to September 2010, Philip has contributed a total of 50 hours volunteering and helping out during the Drop-In Sessions at the Belfast Computer Clubhouse.

Philip can also be recognised for leading one of the workshops which took place during the Clubhouse's Creative Youth Festival which took place this last summer, August 2010. True to his calling as a student of Business Information Technology, he led a workshop on "How to Program a Robot to Make Banana Sandwiches". It was a fantastic evening that fuelled the minds of the young members of the Clubhouse.

Thank you, Philip and all the best!

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